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Municipal and Public Utility Water Meters

TSC carries the following brands of meters in sizes ranging from 3/8 x 3/4 to Fire Service size meters.

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Hendy Performance Meters - Residential

Nitro® Series Multi Jet

Performance Meters magnetic drive bottom load with built in frost protection is the most efficient meter you can find. The new "Nitro" series offers the time proven multi-jet concept combined with a center sweep hand total seal-ed register that can be removed without shutting the service down. This is preferred by most water utilities.

The multi-jet design offers superior accuracy over a wide range of flows, with low head loss even at high flows. The magnetic drive total sealed register protects the register assembly from rust, sand and other water impurities. The register has large numerals for easy reading and testing. The Multi-Jet design equally distributes load pressure on the impeller, causing less wear while maintaining accuracy even under constant use; the magnetic drive coupling consists of two non corroding ceramic rings, one in the register and one in the measure chamber. This coupling ensures perfect sealing. There is no drive shaft through the register box. Therefore, the register remains permanently clean, dry and protected. Performance Multi-jets offer extreme accuracy at low flows. Higher continuous flow capacity. Sand and material in suspension have little effect on meter accuracy Factory pre-tested cartridge allows for in-line service and lower maintenance costs Flanged or threaded end.

The "Nitro" series is available in "Super Unleaded" form that is 99.75-100% lead free. *Performance "Nitro" meters exceed AWWA C-708, ISO 4064, G13IT19001-IS09000 performance specifications.

Available in Super Unleaded from 99.75-100% Lead Free


• Frost protected metal housing w/ Dome glass lens• 316 S.S. rotor spindle with special anti-wear tip
• Wrench pads for ease of installation
• Adjustable measuring chamber for easy testing
• Large basket strainer
• Sapphire rotor bearings
• The multi-jet has a total sealed register with Magnetic Drive that is removable without turning off water service
• Center sweep hand dial & Easy to read large number wheels
• Leak indicator
• Easily adapted to remote read- touch pad-radio frequency and all types of AMR systems
• Powerful two pole magnets to eliminate slipping and uncoupling of magnetic drive system


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Neptune Residential Meters

Neptune T-10®

Every T-10 water meter meets or exceeds the latest AWWA C700 Standard. Its nutating disc, positive displacement principle is time proven for accuracy and dependability since 1892, ensuring maximum utility revenue. The Neptune T-10 consists of a sturdy, corrosion-resistant bronze maincase, nutating positive displacement measuring chamber, and a roll-sealed register. The T-10, in sizes 5/8", 3/4", and 1", is specifically designed for residential applications. The T-10 also comes in 1 1/2" and 2" sizes for larger residential piping needs. These meters are compatible with all present and future systems for flexibility.

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Sensus Residential Meters

Sensus SR II

These magnetic drive positive displacement meters use an oscillating piston to provide superior sensitivity in measuring a wide range of flows for a variety of residential applications or similar service needs. The SR II meter design includes a high quality cast bronze maincase, dual inlet ports and streamlined flow pattern to provide lasting measurement accuracy and deliver years of dependable service. Comes in meter sizes 5/8" (DN 15) through 1" (DN 25) sizes.

Sensus PMM

These meters feature a tamper resistant magnetic drive sealed register to eliminate fogging and have only one moving part exposed to water. PMM Multi-Jets offer superior tolerance to sand and debris. They offer extreme low flow sensitivity and superior reliability over a range of flows. These registers feature large, easy to read numbers, a full width sweep hand and low flow (leak) detector. All PMM meters meet or exceed AWWA Standard C708. Comes in meter sizes 5/8" (DN 15) through 2" (DN 50).

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